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Creative, strategic, and technologically-inclined marketing and design professional with 18 years of experience in marketing, design, data analytics, strategy, and business management.

With a background awarding me the ability to work with Fortune 500 companies, advertising agencies, marketing firms, publishers, as well as small business, I can provide a unique viewpoint and implement proven strategies for successful marketing campaigns and overall marketing strategy. Starting my career as a graphic designer, I soon developed an interest in marketing and advertising strategy. I have since evolved my expertise in marketing analytics, customer lifecycle management, marketing planning, advertising technology, and even website design and SEO.

A company who hires me will receive an asset who will bring with many ideas, a go-getter attitude, dedication, and a thirst for success. I can work with a small business assisting with revenue growth with a small budget and little or no marketing employees or work with a larger company, leading a team through strategic planning and process improvements, creating flawless and successful marketing executions.


  • WEBSITE DESIGN 95% 95%
  • WORDPRESS 90% 90%
  • EMAIL MARKETING 100% 100%
  • COPYWRITING 90% 90%
  • COPY EDITING 100% 100%


Books Read

Networking & Industry Meetings Attended

Industry Conference Sessions Attended

Websites Created (New & Redesign)

Websites Audited (SEO & UX)


Freelancer / Contractor - Web & Marketing Consultant

Freelancer and contractor – Marketing Strategy Consulting, Website Design, Graphic Design, Email Marketing, Digital Advertising

Tracy P. Gibson | August 2018 – Present

Owner / Web & Marketing Consultant

InkJam Digital, LLC: website design, graphic design, and marketing agency based in Acworth, GA.

As the owner, I managed all staff, vendors, freelancers/contractors as well as clients in many industries, including legal, landscaping, home contracting, retail, and many other small businesses. Throughout the five years of ownership, I maintained a steady increase in revenue year-over-year, running the business with no debt.

Responsibilities included:

  • Creating and managing all marketing budgets, internal and also on behalf of clients
  • Creating, managing, and optimizing strategic marketing plans for clients
  • Designing and building websites on WordPress, overseeing website maintenance, completing SEO audits, and implementing SEO enhancements
  • Researching and implementing paid search strategies, SEM, social media advertising, digital advertising, and other print and digital advertising as needed (media planning, design, optimization, monitoring, reporting, and budget-management).
  • Fulfilling all graphic design needs both for internal marketing purposes as well as for clients (print and digital formats).
  • Managing email marketing campaigns (nurturing campaigns, drip campaigns, and marketing campaigns) on various email platforms.
  • Managing an internal team of 2 as well as all vendors and contractors (used for content, copywriting, delicate technical needs, and other marketing implementations, such as video and photography.

Director of Digital Marketing, U.S. Operations

As the Director of Digital Marketing for the US Operations team, a cloud communications software and solutions provider for businesses, I was in charge of managing a group of 5 to support all U.S. clients with marketing campaign execution for email and SMS deployment as well as database management. Internally, I operated as a project manager, resource manager, execution backup, and liaison between the team and the clients. For clients, I also functioned as a marketing consultant. The largest client, a major telecommunications company, was local, allowing me to regularly attend their internal marketing meetings and work from their offices as needed.

Responsibilities included:

  • Collaborating with the operations and database teams to provide solutions for clients to improve quality customer service through their customer-base marketing plans

  • Providing detailed overviews of campaign performance, including key analytics, detailed discovery, and recommendations for future campaigns to improve communications with customers and potential customer, resulting in decreased customer turnover
  • Presenting to top-level executives internally and externally

Together with our creative agency partner, my team was able to increase the Increased the top client’s customer base by 12% and decreased customer turnover by 8% within a 6 month period.

Senior Digital CRM Marketing Manager

As the Marketing Manager for the Digital CRM Team, I oversaw all transactional communications being deployed to Verizon Wireless’s customer base. I ensured that all customers were provided with consistent and quality communications from the point of sale through the customer lifecycle.

Verizon Wireless | February 2014 – October 2015

Marketing Manager

As the Marketing Manager in a marketing department of one, I was responsible for all aspects of marketing, advertising, graphic design, and PR for this communications networking technology company.

My responsibilities included the execution of all print and digital graphic design needs, PR initiatives, digital and print advertising campaigns, social media initiatives, as well as website maintenance and brand management.

TeleMate.Net Software | August 2010 – March 2011

Senior Digital Media Operations Manager

As a Media Operations Manager, I was responsible for overseeing the execution process of client advertising campaigns being deployed by Moxie Interactive, a top digital advertising agency in Atlanta. I worked with advertising publishers and ad networks to execute flawless and successful digital advertising campaigns.

MOXIE | March 2011 – March 2013


Bachelor of Arts, Communication

Major: Advertising

Minor: Graphic Design

The University of Alabama | August 1999 – August 2004

Front End Web Development

Front End Web Development – HTML5, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery

General Assembly | May 2016 – August 2016

Advanced Diploma

Accelerated Honor Diploma

Senior Class Vice President, Treasurer – National Beta Club, President – National Honor Society, Jr. Ambassador – Walker County

Awards: Thornton Scholarship, J. Parnell Scholarship, Walker County Jr. Ambassador Scholarship, The University of Alabama Alumni Association Scholarship

Carbon Hill High School | August 1995 – May 1999

Tracy was a pleasure to work with, she always had a positive attitude, great work ethic, was a problem solver & creative thinker, and could always be counted on to make a project a success.”

– Casey Martin (Media Director – MOXIE, formerly Moxie Interactive)

Tracy is one of the best people I have ever had the opportunity to work with on a daily basis at the Weather Channel. Although we work on different but closely related teams (I focus on online ad products and she is dedicated to online campaign specialist group), we collaborate on an almost daily basis to ensure a client’s campaign runs smoothly and as planned. She is incredibly knowledgeable in our field (which is very hard to come by), organized, detailed, works well in an extremely fast-paced environment, driven and passionate about all she does. In addition to the above, she is always willing to lend a hand in whatever else she can possibly take on and with a genuine smile and desire to help others out. She is the true definition of a team player and goes above and beyond the expectations placed upon her as defined by her job description. I feel privileged to work with such a talented and experienced individual in a field that is quite demanding. She is one in a million and I could not think of another person more suited for any of the positions she may seek.”

Stacey Liebman (The Weather Channel)

Tracy’s exceptional work ethic and ability to go beyond her responsibility made her in intrigue partner with my clients. She built a trust that help to facilitate larger buys out of every client she worked with me on. I would recommend Tracy for any position.

Michael Zellner (VP – Sales, CareerBuilder.com)

Tracy has been a true asset to the day to day business for both me and my clients. Her knowledge of all aspects of CareerBuilder.com has made me very comfortable referring my clients to her directly. She was always willing to help me with my issues, regardless of whether or not they involved an account she was assigned to. You have my endorsement for whatever position you choose to go for.

Jon Adani (CareerBuilder.com)

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