Web & Graphic Designer | Marketing & SEO Professional

Creative, analytical, and technologically-inclined marketing and design professional with 18 years experience in marketing, design, data, strategy, and business.



Hello, I’m Tracy.

Strategic, creative, & analytical marketing leader with over 18 years of experience in marketing strategy from many perspectives. With a background including various positions with Fortune 500 companies, advertising agencies, marketing firms, publishers, as well as small business, I can provide a unique viewpoint and implement proven strategies for successful marketing campaigns and overall marketing strategy. Starting my career as a graphic designer, I soon developed interest in marketing and advertising strategy. I have since evolved my expertise into marketing analytics, customer lifecycle management, marketing planning, advertising technology, and even website design and SEO.

A company who hires me will receive an asset who will bring with many ideas, a go-getter attitude, dedication, and a thirst for success. I can work with a small business assisting with revenue growth with a small budget and little or no marketing employees or work with a larger company, leading a team through strategic planning and process improvements, creating flawless and successful marketing executions.

Whether I’m designing, strategizing, or researching, I follow critical steps to ensure my approach is…

Researched Thoroughly.

Strategized Accordingly.

Justified Rationally.

Executed Flawlessly.

Some of My Work